Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2011

27 juin 2010

Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2011.10

Detailed coverage of Europe (all countries).

  • Version  2011.10 maps ensure the most up to date
  • roadways are displayed.
  • All regions fully unlocked – just plug in your unit and go!
  • No need to give me your unit’s ID.
  • Full points of interest (POI) are included to show you hotels,
  • restaurants, gas stations, etc.
  • Compatible with almost any Garmin GPS that
  • accepts an SD/microSD card.

  • 100% real and authentic Genuine Garmin mapping software!
  • Not a copy or hacked version.

  • Fast, reliable and FREE shipping to anywhere in the world,
  •  optional tracking service available.

  • Buy with confidence from a PayPal confirmed and verified
  •  8000+ positive seller!

    This is the FULL VERSION of Europe NT 2011. You DO NOT need

    a previous installed version of Europe for this map card to work.

    Available as: DOWNLOAD Price : 15 EURO


    1. Get a 2GB SD card (NOT SDHC) and format it FAT or FAT32

    2. Create a folder on the memory card called “Garmin”

    3. Copy the downloaded “gmapsupp.img” file into the Garmin folder on your SD card.

    4. Insert the SD card into your Garmin GPS, and browse to your map information on your Garmin GPS and you should see the new maps selected.

       This can be found on the device via : Tools>Settings>Map>Map Info.



    These maps will work with all Nuvi models,

    most StreetPilots, all Zumos and some handheld models.  
    See full compatibility list below.

    Compatible Product List:   Astro Colorado 300 Colorado 300 Colorado 400c Colorado 400i Colorado 400t Oregon 200 Oregon 300 Oregon 400c Oregon 400i Oregon 400t Oregon 550t Dakota 20 Edge 605 Edge 705 eTrex Legend HCx eTrex Legend Cx eTrex Venture Cx eTrex Vista HCx eTrex Vista Cx GPSMAP 60CSx GPSMAP 60Cx GPSMAP 76CSx GPSMAP 76Cx GPSMAP 620 GPSMAP 640 Rino 520CSx Rino 530CSx iQue M3 iQue M4 nuvi 200 nuvi 200W nuvi 205 nuvi 205W nuvi 250 nuvi 250W nuvi 255 nuvi 255W nuvi 260 nuvi 260W nuvi 265T nuvi 265WT nuvi 270 nuvi 275T nuvi 300 nuvi 310 nuvi 350 nuvi 360 nuvi 370 nuvi 465t nuvi 500 nuvi 550 nuvi 5000 nuvi 600 nuvi 610 nuvi 650 nuvi 660 nuvi 670 nuvi 680 nuvi 710 nuvi 750 nuvi 750TT nuvi 755TT nuvi 760 nuvi 765TT nuvi 770 nuvi 775TT nuvi 780 nuvi 785TT nuvi 850 nuvi 855 nuvi 860 nuvi 880 nuvi 1200 nuvi 1250 nuvi 1260t nuvi 1300 nuvi 1350 nuvi 1350t nuvi 1370t nuvi 1390t nuvi 1450 nuvi 1490t nuvi 1690 nuvifone G60 StreetPilot 7200 StreetPilot 7500 StreetPilot c310 StreetPilot c320 StreetPilot c330 StreetPilot c340 StreetPilot c510 StreetPilot c530 StreetPilot c550 StreetPilot c580 StreetPilot i2 StreetPilot i3 StreetPilot i5 zumo 400 zumo 450 zumo 500 zumo 550 zumo 660

    Coverage regions include:

      • Great Britain: full coverage
      • Isle of Man: full coverage
      • Northern Ireland: full coverage
      • Ireland: full coverage
      • Channel Islands:
      • Denmark: full coverage
      • Finland: full coverage
      • Norway: full coverage
      • Sweden: full coverage
      • Germany: full coverage
      • France: full coverage
      • Andora: full coverage
      • Belgium: full coverage
      • Netherlands: full coverage
      • Luxembourg: full coverage
      • Italy: full coverage
      • Austria: full coverage
      • Switzerland: full coverage
      • Liechtenstein: full coverage
      • Spain: full coverage
      • Portugal: full coverage
      • Gibraltar: full coverage
      • Czech Republic: Coverage for most urban areas with intertown roads
      • Greece: Detailed coverage for the municipalities of Patra, Greater Athens and Greater Thessaloniki.
      • Estonia: full coverage
      • Latvia: full coverage
      • Lithuania: full coverage
      • Poland: full coverage
      • Slovakia: Detailed coverage of Banka, Banska Bystricá Bratislava, Košice, Martin, Nitra, Nové Zámky, Piešt’any, Poprad, Považská Bystrica, Prešov, Prievidza, Trenčín, Trnava, Žilina and Zvolen
      • Hungary: Detailed coverage of the Greater Budapest area, the Balaton area, Debrecen, Miskolc, Eger and Tokaj
      • Slovenia: Detailed coverage of Celje, Izola, Koper, Ljubljana, Maribor and Piran
      • Croatia: Detailed coverage of Zagreb, Rijeka and Pula, Split, Selin, Zadar, Dubrovnik and the Island of Krk
      • Bulgaria: Detailed coverage of capital city of Sofija
      • Romania: Detailed coverage of Bucuresti (Bucharest) and Timisoara
      • Moldova: Major roads only
      • Serbia & Montenegro: Major roads only
      • Albania: Major roads only
      • Macedonia: Major roads only
      • Ukraine: Major roads only
    • Great Britain and Republic of Ireland

      Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden


      France and Benelux

      Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein

      Spain and Portugal

      Czech Republic


      Eastern Europe